Wader Care Tips


1th January 2020

Nowadays, waders are almost necessary for fly-fishing in the river. New technologies help the manufactures to make better products year by year. High quality is the reason why good waders are so expensive, but they worth every single cent, without we couldn't enjoy the fly-fishing in the river as we are doing.

With some tips on how to care your waders, you use them some other seasons.
First of all, in the market, there is a wide range of waders, so we have to make some general distinction:

  • PVC Wader (like this): the low-cost waders, made of PVC and not breathable, to avoid during hot summers unless you don't want to do a sauna. PVC waders can be useful to go through thorn bushes or to explore new spots.
  • Neoprene Wader (like this): like the PVC waders are not breathable, suitable for winter but not for summer. Neoprene waders are slightly more comfortable but not suitable for bushes.
  • Breathable Wader - Low Range (like this): usually are made with 3 layers of breathable material without any knee protection. The quality of the seams and the zips are not very good. The low range is ok for beginners, but, if you can invest some extra money on the waders buy something better.
  • Breathable Wader - Medium Range (like this), the quality improved. 3 to 5 layers of breathable material, better quality zips and well-made seams.
  • Breathable Wader - High Range (like this this): in this range the waders are excellent. The material involved in the production is durable and well-ventilated. Mobility takes advantage too. Some waders in this price range use GORE-TEX , excellent light material.

PVC waders have some pros and some cons.
They are cheap and robust. You can go everywhere without care too much about what you are doing and where you are going. This kind of waders is useful to explore new wild spots, to walk through forests and bushes.
In the other hand, PVC waders are uncomfortable, bulky and hot during the warm season.
It can be tedious to wear for a full day fishing, especially if you walk a lot.
Breathable waders, made with different materials, are more comfortable and lighter but they can break easily.


Typical damage in the waders is a puncture or tearing. If the tears are not too big, they can be sealed with some specific adhesive product, like this. It is the same concept on how to fix bike inner tube, so if the damage is microscopic, you can follow the same process by getting an inexpensive puncture repair kit.

Another part of the wader a risk of leaking is the foot. It can sound strange because the feet are cover from the boots, but, with the time, even the feet can be a cause of the trouble.
During the wading, we move a lot of sand and pebbles, like when we walk on the sand on a beach. Some of them go inside the boots, you can't fell them, but they are there. During the walk, they slowly scratch the feet.
I prevent this by wearing a pair of large wool socks on the top of the waders feet; they are an excellent barrier.



There are few things to consider when we are at home too, before and after fishing. If you are an outdoor and camping enthusiast, you may know the importance of waterproof spray to last long the tents; the same thing can be applied on the waders and in every waterproof gear, like the wading jacket.
Clean the waders every time is another essential practice, use some mild detergent and scrub the surface with a cloth.
Use detergent with disinfectant can help the water ecosystem too, waders, like boots, can carry micro-organism and spread disease from one river to another river. Once the waders are clean and disinfected dry them by hanging in a ventilated darkroom.

During the winter months, or if the waders are not used for a while, is recommended to keep them flat in a dry and dark place. Hide them as much as possible from light and heat sources, as every synthetic material they can be more easily ruined.

Here a few tips on how to last long your waders, do you have some tips to share with us? Please leave a comment in the comment section below. It will be appreciated for all of us. By maintaining the waders in high conditions, we can save much money.