How to increase dry flies visibility


12th August 2019

When you are fly-fishing in the river during the evening, the sun slowly set beyond the horizon and the light diminish minute by minute. During this time you lose control of your dry fly, slowly you can’t see it anymore.
This experience can be really unproductive because it is hard to understand how the fly is moving on the water surface, and so really frustrating. Fly-fishing, as a hobby, has to be enjoyable. It is really important to have in the box some flies tied with the purpose to be well visible.
You won’t leave the river because you can’t see your flies anymore, bare in mind that during the summer days the sunset, together with the sunrise, is the best part of the day for fishing. You have to be ready for the hatching!
There are two ways to increase your fly visibility, use bigger flies or use flies with some hot spot, a little post well coloured.

The post can be made with different materials but the most commonly used are CDC (Buy it on Amazon), Polypropylene Yarn (Buy it on Amazon) or Calf Tail (Buy it on Amazon). These materials are chosen with a purpose, they are extremely floating. The polypropylene yarn is easier to tie, the calf tail is more slippery but the fly looks nicer for the human eye.

Parachute Adams

The most common way to fix the post on the fly is by using the parachute style, it consists to fix vertically the material on the hook and wrap around the hackle, there are different techniques for the parachute style, I highly recommend to watch some video on Youtube and find out what works better for you.
The best colours for the parachute post are bright, like red, chartreuse and yellow.
I personally avoid white colour, it can be confused with other elements on the water surface.


Don’t forget to fill your box with some well visible flies, it can save your day!
What about your method to tie parachute style flies? Leave a comment in the comment section below.