FuoroCarbon Vs Nylon


14th May 2019

What is the best monofilament to use? In this post, I’ll simply explain what is the difference between fluorocarbon and nylon and when is better to use one than another.

Nylon (N) and fluorocarbon (FL) are monofilaments. Monofilament, as the word says, is a continuous filament of synthetic fiber. In 1938 the DuPout company announced the invention of nylon, during the 50s appear in the market the first synthetic fishing line. They were made of polyester, initially it was too elastic so after targeted studies, they improved into a monofilament. We have to wait the 80s for the FL, it was invented in Japanese factories. They used it massively to build fishing nets, obtaining valid results to the point of being banned by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment. Since then we can find it in Europe and US shops. The FL main feature is very low visibility, almost like the water. Both of them have pros and cons, factors to consider before getting ready your cast.


Pros Cons
Invisibility, almost the same light refraction properties as water. Price, on average it can cost 2 to 3 times more.
Higher abrasion resistant, important when you fish close to the bottom. Harder, not easy to cast as N.
Resistant to natural factors, like UV rays. High memory, increase the chances for tangles.
No strech, more sensitivity. Knotability, the knot must be wet every time.


Pros Cons
Soft, flexible. Less abrasione resistant, obstacles can be a problem.
Price, cheaper. Less life time, it isn't strong as FL.
Knotability, the knots are more secure. Visibility, higher.
Low memory, less truble with snarls. Absorb water, the property change.

Another important difference to consider between N and FL is the density, FL is denser than the water so it sinks, can be good in certain situations but not in others. As you probably understood, FL is good for sinking lures, wet flies or nymph; N is better for topwater lures and dry flies. Bear in mind this concept, it’s really important!


I make my own leaders with both materials, I use FL just for the last part, more or less the last 30 inches before the fly or lure. In this way, I can take advantage of the best properties of both. How do you do your leaders? Comment below and let me know which one is your best way to trick the fish.