Basic fly-tying tools

29th March 2019

To begin the fly-tying art are necessary few tools, once you got them you can start to dress your firsts flies.

Whit a small investment almost anyone can start to tie their own flies, it is important as a fly-fisherman to know how to tie flies because you can customize them in the way you want.
The fly-fisherman is not just somebody who goes to catch some fish, it’s first than anything an observer, aware of which kind of insects and aquatic creatures there are around him and in the water where he usually fish.
That’s why you need to know how to tie, to be able to imitate what the fish chase in your area.

The first thing you need to get into the fly-tying is a vice, something that holds firmly the hook, there is a huge amount of vices out there, what I suggest is to not spend too much money at the begin, buy something cheap, tie few flies, see what going on.
Maybe you don't like to tie, maybe your handshake too much, or maybe your eyes can't see properly what you are doing, it is better don’t invest a lot at the begin.

When you have the vice ready on your desk, it’s time to look after the tools.
Like for the vice, there is as well for the tools a huge amount of different prices, shapes, sizes and so on; bear in mind that said about the vice.

There are 6 essential tools:

  • SCISSOR: a fine point sharp scissor play a fundamental rule in your starter kit, you will use it to cut different materials during the process. The first scissors should not be too big or too small, the nail scissor size is perfect at the beginning.
  • BOBBIN HOLDER: bobbin holds the thread spool, really handy tool because it helps you to be more accurate and keep the thread in tension.
  • HACKLE PLIERS: not just for hackles, it’s a very important tool to hold and wrap every small material like floss, wire and tinsel, where your bare fingers can’t do the job.
  • BODKIN: it’s a multipurpose needle, it’s used for small adjustments, picking out dubbing, applying resin or head cement.
  • WHIP FINISHER: you can finish your fly by tying off the thread with your fingers, but this tool provides you a fast, easy and accurate way to do it.
  • BOBBIN THREADER: it’s not necessary, but it will help you to fix the thread in the bobbin, better than such the thread through the bobbin tube. Quick and simple.
  • EXTRA : this is not a tool but is essential when you tie flies, a drop of glue or head cement is necessary to secure the thread on the fly.

Once you are ready with these few tools you can begin to tie your own flies.
Whit the time you can add more tools and replace the first ones you bought whit better ones.
Online or maybe in your local tackle shop are available fly tying kits with all the necessary tools, some of them come with some materials as well.
Ready to tie? Post below the name of your first pattern.