Sonna River - Italy

I’m Alessandro, fisherman and fly tiers from several years, my love for nature and the outdoor life brought me into this fantastic hobby.
I was born in a small town in Italy, Feltre, at the feet of the Alps, one of the best place to begin fishing. There are many creeks, rivers and lakes with really nice trouts, perchs, greylings and pikes.
Some years ago I moved in Ireland, Galway, where I actually live with my family.
Ireland is a paradise for every fisherman, just to say: in Europe outlive 13 natural wild brown trout fisheries of consequence, 12 of those are located in Ireland.

I love everything concern with artificial baits, both spinning and fly-fishing.
What I especially love about fishing is to trick the fish, find the way by changing the fly or lure rather the fishing technique in order to catch it.
That’s why after careful observation I develop and tie my own patterns, mostly flies but either jigs.

Lough Corrib - Ireland

I support catch&release, pollution and poachers are making enough disasters in our water.
Often I carry a plastic bag to pick up the garbage left behind from others, unfortunately someone is not conscious about the environment where we live, and I would like to leave a better world for the next generation.
Please feel free to contact me, even for a chat, I always like to speak about fishing or share new ideas.
Tight lines!